Dr. William Snyder | Talk at MIT

October 20, 2015

Dr. William Snyder gave a talk at the Experimental Syntax & Semantics/Language Acquisition Lab meeting at MIT, October 14, 2015. His talk was titled “Relativized Minimality in Children’s Passives”.

Emma Nguyen | Talk at GALA 2015

September 1, 2015

Emma Nguyen (in collaborations with Diane Lillo-Martin and William Snyder) will give a talk at the 12th Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition conference (GALA 2015) at the University of Nantes, France, September 10-12, 2015. Her talk will be titled “Actionality speaks louder than Felicity—Children’s comprehension of long passives.”

Ting Xu | Defended

June 24, 2015

On May 15, Ting Xu successfully defended her dissertation entitled “Almost Again: On the Semantics and Acquisition of Decomposition Adverbs.” Congratulations, Ting!

Ting Xu | Talk at CLS 51

Ting Xu gave a talk at the 51st Meeting of the Chicago Linguistics Society (CLS 51), April 23-25 , 2015. Her talk was titled “On the ambiguity of almost: An intervention effect”.